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A red asterisk "*" denotes an official Watchtower Society video
A black asterisk "*" denotes a video made by a Jehovah's Witness member

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Photo-Drama Of Creation
Released in 1914

Photodrama Of Creation (the original footage w/ Russell's intro)
Phtotodrama Of Creation (featuring pics of related literature during Russell's intro)
Photodrama Of Creation (website)
Phtodrama Of Creation (Original book, PDF file)


Pastor Russell / Joseph Rutherford Talks
Original Footage
"CTR" denotes Charles Russell
"JFR" denotes Joseph Rutherford

The Sign of the Son of Man part 1 (CTR) (redubbed audio) "Victory" (JFR, 1939) Portuguese subtitles
The Sign of the Son of Man part 2 (CTR) (redubbed audio) "Enemies" (JFR, 1937)
Reading and Studying the Bible (CTR) (original audio, 1914) "Religion" (JFR, 1940)
Proclaiming the End (JFR, various clips put together)  



Cartoon Parodies Metalheads  
Jehovah's Witness from the future Mulberry Street * (claymation)  
Jehovah's Witness Birthday? Street Witnessing