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Black asterisk (*) indicates an unofficial site owned or frequented by active Jehovah's Witnesses.

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General Links

JW CONTROVERSY Assoc. JW Reform on Blood * Comments From the Friends 607 v. 587 Jehovah' Witnesses United * Danny Haszard Paul Blizard Class Action Lawsuit (Official Site)
Christian JW Brothers * (video, audio, images, etc.) Dr. Jerry Bergman Randall Watters * Richard E. Kelly JW Child Custody/Help
First and Last Ministries JW Reformation * Truth 4 JWs Letters from the Governing Body
Jehovah's Witness Facts JW Struggle * JW Watchtower Documents NWT Scholar Quotes
Jehovah's Witness Outreach JW Survey * Ken Raines site   Silent
JW Info Line Online Watchtower Library * Make Sure of All Things   Snarky Apologist Blog
MacGregor Ministries Stoops Manufacturing * (JW supplies) Nancy J. Sage   Watchtower Lies (4
Rick* Out of the Cocoon   Watchtower Quotes
Spotlight Ministries Worldwide Assoc. of JW's * Rick Fearon   Watchtower and the U.N.
Watchtower Info Service   Watchtower Files    
Watchtower News        
Witness Inc.        


Challenging the Atheists

Answers In Creation Research Society Evolution Hall of Shame
Bible Archaeology (Can view in 69 languages)  
Biblical Archaeology Society Debunking Atheists Blog  
Center For Scientific Creation Evidence for God From Science (Very Thorough!)  

JW / Ex-JW Online Discussion and Support Groups

Channel C JW Discussion Forum Paradise Cafe
e-Jehovah's Witnesses JW Support Forum Tower Watch Ministries
Jehovah's Witness Online JW Talk *  

Watchtower Literature Online

Current Publications * Strictly Genteel* Watchtower Archives Site 2  
Faith On the March (1957 ) Studies in the Scriptures (1916 editions) Watchtower Publications  
Millions Now Living Will Never Die (1920) Watchtower Archives Site 1 Zion's Watch Tower (1879 - 1916)